A warm welcome

I should really share the story of how well my plan to ignore the new year’s festivities played out.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for about a year and a half now, waking up at around 6am for no apparent reason at all. Which isn’t helped by regularly passing out at 10pm for no reason at all either.

So after getting up at 4.30am on the final day of the old year to fly back home from the motherland, Then rushing to Tesco’s for some final groceries before staying in to unpack and pamper myself with facials (insert cheap shot here) and paint my toenails, I planned to stay up until midnight so I wouldn’t wake up at 5.30 on my day off.

Especially now that the cat wasn’t (and still isn’t) there to start making happy purring noises in my face at some ungodly hour.

After failing to start up a third movie and being too lazy to get up to find something else to watch that wasn’t interesting enough for me to pay attention to but interesting enough for me to retain a semblance of consciousness to, I lost my battle at around 10.30pm and passed out cold.

I woke up again at 11.55pm, just in time to scramble to the bathroom for a well deserved leak.

As my neighbors counted down to one, I smirked, flushed and went back to bed.

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