Conversations with the TSA service desk

“This is the TSA speaking, how may I help you?”
“Hi, weird question, but I was wondering if I can take a taxidermied animal as carry-on?”
“What kind of animal?”
“Well, it doesn’t really exist but it’s called a jackalope? It’s made out of some kind of rabbit and some antlers.”
“A what?”
“A jackalope, they don’t exist.”
“Sure ma’am, you can take toy animals in your carry on.”
“It’s not a toy, it used to be real animals but now it’s been stuffed.”
“But it doesn’t exist? How does that work?”
“No ma’am. It’s made out of a real rabbit and they stuck real antlers on his head?”
“Okay… let me talk to my supervisor, how do you spell that?”
“Jackalope, j a c k a l o p e”

Apparently things with antlers are not allowed as carry-on, as it may be used to hi-jack planes and threaten stewardesses (“I’ve got a jackalope and I’m not afraid to use it!”). So my new best friend Bob had to fly home via registered mail instead.

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