Is there something wrong with your face?

To remind me that I used to know how to write good, and on the hunt for new old material, I’ll be reposting content from my old blog And the Mieke shall inherit the earth here. Slightly edited, of course. First up: Winkers.

There’s a guy in my office who winks at me every morning when I come in.

I know it’s just a harmless office-gesture to make him forget that, aside from this office, we have nothing in common and don’t even inhabit the same planet, but it gives me the creeps.

The thing is… I really really hate winkers, and there is nothing that offends me more than being winked at. Because people (dare I say, men) generally only wink at women and children, I just experience it as the ultimate act of condescension. It’s basically got “Hi, I don’t take you seriously at all” written all over it.

I equate winking with pedophilia and whatever else might one day cause you to end up on the front cover of The Sun followed by an ample amount of death threats.

So please. Stop it.

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